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Food Safety Policy

Compass Arabia Ltd - Saudi Arabia , as a part of leading food service provider in the Middle East, regularly measures our compliance against national, international and Compass Group food safety regulations in order to sustain an effective Food Safety Management System. Such a framework is based on pro-active control procedures and helps to safeguard the quality and safety of food throughout its operations.

Compass Arabia is committed to consistency and continual improvement in food safety standards and will implement a sustainable Food Safety Management System that is aligned to the Codex Allimentaurius Guidelines for the application of HACCP and the ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System.

Compass Arabia is also committed to the prevention of food contamination and food spoilage which is detrimental to the health and safety of its customers. Contaminated food products are identified, segregated and disposed of properly.

Compass Arabia adopts a philosophy of continuous improvement is all aspects of food safety through colleague education, training and awareness programs. All employees are provided with the information, training and tools necessary to do their job in a hygienic and compliant manner.

All levels of Compass Arabia organization (Management, supervisors, employees and functional departments) are responsible for the Food Safety Management System.

This policy shall be reviewed annually by the Compass Arabia management and Integrated Management System Policy Core Team to ensure that it continues to reflect the aims of the company and keeps up-to-date with legislative requirements.

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