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Integrated Management System Policy

Compass Arabia Ltd commit to have the highest standard of quality service with food safety, occupational health, Safety culture and environment protection as an essential and integral part of corporate business.
To deliver this commitment, Compass Arabia does comply with all applicable local statutory and regulatory requirements as well as relevant International laws and Compass Group PLC Standard.
In order to fulfil and meet customer satisfaction effectively and safe guard the health and safety of its employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, the Company shall set clear targets and objectives, provide adequate resources to implement the requirements of the Integrated Management System as stated in:  

•    ISO 9001 :2008-Quality Management System
•    ISO 22000:2005 -Food Safety Management System
•    OH SAS 18001 :2007 -Occupation Health & Safety
•    ISO 14001 :2004-Environmental Management System

Compass Arabia Ltd firmly believes that occupational illness, injuries, property damage, fire and potential harm to environment are preventable through effective managing all the potential risks.

The organization shall ensure that all personnel are well aware of their roles and responsibilities and are able to perform their duties in a health, safe and environmentally sound manner and fully implement the Company's policy and objectives. They shall be equipped with new skills through ongoing training and education programs.

The organization will provide adequate resources for the effective implementation of the adopted Management System. The implementation of this policy shall be the direct responsibility of line management with active support of all employees.

Compass Arabia Ltd -Saudi Arabia will foster, promote and reward positive HSEQ behaviors and encourage transparency in reporting, monitoring, measuring, appraising and learning from HSEQ performance and take corrective actions where necessary.

Special emphasis shall be laid on the continual improvement of the Company's Management System through various initiatives. The effectiveness and suitability on the IMS will be reviewed annually.

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