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Road Safety Policy

Policy Objective

Compass Arabia recognizes Road Safety as a critical risk issue. The objective of the policy therefore is to reduce the inevitable Health and Safety risks associated with Road Safety to as low as reasonable practicable to employees, contractors, suppliers, other road users and the general public through focused measures and the use of "Global Best Practices" and "lessons Learned".


It is the primary aim of our company to achieve its business objectives in a safe, responsible and profitable manner recognizing that road safety is a critical element of providing a safe working environment.

The Compass Arabia Road Safety Policy and Road Safety standard provide the framework for ad further define the roles and responsibilities of its employees.
The Road Safety Policy applies to:
All business and/ or work related movements to ad from offices or operating units
All transportation of personnel by car or bus
All business and/ or work related movements to and from living accommodation
All transportation of good supplied and/ or distribution through a central warehouse
All CompassArabia personnel employed as Professional Drivers or Drivers
All CompassArabia sub-contractors vehicles and drivers
All suppliers, vendors vehicles and drivers supplying Compass Arabia operations or undertaking site visits
All mechanical or electrical transport business vehicles

Our Standard

Compass Arabia is committed to Road Safety and will through Line Management action ensure regulatory compliance ad that the four pillars of its Road Safety Policy are fully implemented in a progressive and sustainable manner.
The four pillars of our Road Safety Policy


All Professional Drivers and other Drivers are registered Fit for Work through the employment selection process, by For Cause Testing and undertaking monitored annual medical assessments.
All Professional Drivers and other Drivers are trained, competent and in possession of a valid drivers license to drive their allocated vehicles and have successfully undertaken a defensive drivers course.


All Company vehicles, either owned, leased or rented are Fit for Purpose and comply with Compass Arabia and legal requirements.


All Compass Arabia employees undertake formal training and understand their personal responsibility for Road Safety.

Management Controls

The Compass Arabia Road Safety Policy, Road safety Standard and Road Safety Performance are reviewed annually by Senior Management for relevance and suitability.

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