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Supply Chain

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Within Compass Arabia, the supply chain refers to a wide range of functional areas. These include Supply Chain Management-related activities such as inbound and outbound transportation, warehousing, and inventory control. Sourcing, procurement, and supply management fall under the supply-chain umbrella, too. Forecasting, planning and scheduling and order processing, all are part of the process as well. Importantly, it also embodies the information systems so necessary to monitor all of these activities.
Compass Arabia Supply Chain Improving the following:

Improving quality,
Reducing costs.
Improving service

Procurement Policy

Compass Arabia procures goods and services from both international and local vendors. Its representatives shall act with integrity, fairness and honesty, ensuring that all commercial activities are professionally managed and that the relationships between the suppliers and organisation are conducted ethically.

This policy sets out the standards that both the organisation and suppliers are required to adhere to:

  • Compass Arabia will endeavor to buy direct from growers, manufacturers, producers and wholesalers to maintain a robust supply chain, ensuring traceability and due diligence.
  • M prospective food and non-food suppliers will be assessed before being given approved supplier status. This involves the completion of our Request for Information (RFI), Supplier audits, assessment of financial, operation, reputational and strategic risks.
  • All procurement activity must comply with the relevant Food Safety, Health and Safety Standards, Compass Group Codes of practices, Standards and Local Regulatory requirements.
  • Suppliers that do not conform to or cannot sustain a high level of compliance to the required standards may have the opportunity to improve. In such cases; suppliers need to demonstrate continuous improvement against the required standards in an agreed timeline considering the risk category of the product.
  • We will undertake a schedule of supplier auditing, prioritized according to the risk category into which suppliers are aligned. Audits will be carried out against Compass Arabia HSEQ standards or recognized equivalent and will be performed by accredited in-house auditors or external organisations
  • We are committed to support local producers, suppliers of meat, fresh fruits and vegetables and manufactured food products. Equally, the nature of our business means that we purchase a wide variety of goods from a diverse range of suppliers to our mutual benefit
  • We note the concerns surrounding GM foods and will avoid the use of such items. To achieve this we will work closely with our suppliers to ensure that they avoid the use of GM ingredients. In the unlikely event that no realistic alternatives to GM foods or ingredients are available, we will advise our customers accordingly
  • We wit continue to source from a variety of vendors to effectively meet the needs of our customers. and are willing to engage with new suppliers that can offer a consistent supply of ethically traded products including Fair Trade and its alternatives.
  • Suppliers wit be selected and retained by a non-discriminatory bidding and tendering process. The selection of suppliers wil be based on safety, value, quality, operational requirements, environmental performance, ethical policy, specification, service level, ability to supply, responsiveness, customer focus and performance. The Purchasing and Supply Policy will be regularly reviewed and consideration will be given to feedback from suppliers and customers.

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